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PLEASE, a tribute 4 U2

I will search a tribute band of the famous music group U2.The name of this band, is PLEASE and his members are of the condal city of Barcelona. Really, I love Rap Music, but sometimes I like listen to rock bands too. For example, one of the groups that I like listen is the music band of Bono,U2.

Here, you can see two pictures of the group U2:

And here, we have two images of PLEASE:

Comparing the two groups, I should comment his members, instruments which they play, and other aspects of PLEASE & U2.

First, the group U2, have four members. They're Paul David Hewson (Bono who is the singer or vocalist of the band), Adam Clayton (he's the bassist of U2), Larry Mullen (he's the drummer of the group) and David Howell Evans (The Edge, who is the guitar player of the group).

The tribute group of U2 (with the name of PLEASE) has four members too. But, I can't find his names because I don't know them and I can't find them using the google web-search.

In addition, the instruments which U2 members plays in his concerts are: Guitar, Harmónica, Keyboard, Bass, Synthesizer & Drums.I suppose that the members of PLEASE plays the same type of instruments.

I can add that Bono are from Dublin, (Ireland), as Larry Mullen. The Edge is from Barking (England). Adam Clayton is from England too, but, more specifically, he's from Oxfordshire.

The members of PLEASE, are from Barcelona as I write at the beginning of this post.

Moreover, Bono is from the year 1960 (He has 48 years old), this is the same year than Adam Clayton was born (he has 49 years at this moment, because his birthday is in March. Bono's Birthday is in May, this is the reason because Bono has 48 and Adam 49 years old). The Edge's from the 1961 (47 years old), as Larry Mullen (47 years old).

If I talk about the physical appearance of the two groups, I can say that the members of U2, can maintain a youthful and serious appearance, despite their age.
I know that PLEASE's members are more younger and so his appearance is too young.
In addition, I like what U2 maintain his young essence in the adulthood.

Good... I have to go out now because I have to study a lot. "Bbye pple"!


Great Portfolios for see!

I want to list great portfolios which i saw this Friday.
I think that this portfolios can give you ideas and a visual support to development of your edited images.

You can see the Will Murai's website, for example.
He uploaded his graphic works in http://www.willmurai.com/
Next, I will post a picture with a screenshots of his website: